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The currency of Indonesia, rupiah, has a long history that stretch back to colonial period. Due to periods of uncertain economy and high inflation, the currency  Java Man ‎: BP.
The History of Indonesia or more precisely of the Indonesian archipelago in South East Asia with islands goes back to Homo erectus (popularly known as.
The economic history of Indonesia is shaped by its geographic location, its natural resources, as well as its people that inhabited the archipelagic realm that   Java Man ‎: BP...

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It is later proven to have been planned by Jemaah Islamiyah in retaliation for Christian killings of Muslims in the Maluku conflict. Such sources do not explain why significant conversions of Indonesians to Islam did not begin until after several centuries of foreign Muslims visiting and living in Indonesia, nor do they adequately explain the origin and development of Indonesia's idiosyncratic strains of Islam, or how Islam came to be the dominant religion in Indonesia. Part of a series on. British Indian Ocean Territory.
wiki history indonesia

The eruption created global climate anomalies known as " volcanic winter ". Self-determination in East Timor: the United Nations, the ballot, and international intervention. They had a young and inexperienced government, which resulted in severe poverty and hunger. Stamford Raffles was appointed as the Lieutenant-Governor of Java. Hence, in a sentence such as "saya didekati oleh anjing galak" which means "I was approached by a ferocious dog", wiki history indonesia use of the adjective "galak" is not stative at all. Jakarta Post and Associated Definition margin error, Jakarta.

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This evidence cannot explain more complicated matters such as how lifestyles were affected by the new religion or how deeply it affected societies. However, Indonesian as it is known today was heavily influenced by several languages due to historical ties with other nations. This used to be the task of the KNIL. Traders and the royalty of major kingdoms were usually the first to convert to Islam.

wiki history indonesia

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An increasingly assertive Parliament frequently challenged President Wahid's policies and prerogatives, contributing to a lively and sometimes rancorous national political debate. The Indonesian Embassy in Washington, D. Indianised Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms saw the establishment of the Hindu Kshatriya caste. Partly as a result of the need for co-operation and peace during the recovery from the tsunami in Aceh, peace talks between the Indonesian government and the Free Aceh Movement GAM were restarted.

wiki history indonesia