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Die Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Abkürzung RCMP, deutsch etwa „ königliche kanadische berittene Polizei“, umgangssprachliche Kurzbezeichnung Mounties; französisch Gendarmerie royale du Canada.
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Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP; engelsk) eller Gendarmerie royale du Canada (GRC; fransk) er en canadisk nasjonal politietat av ridende politi....

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British Columbia Provincial Police. Geological Survey of Canada. Western Economic Diversification Canada. Some Canadian activist groups have called for an end to the RCMP training. Toronto Police Services Board.
wiki gendarmerie royale canada

Thus, the RCMP polices at the federal, provincial, and municipal level. Organized Crime Agency of British Columbia. C'est ainsi que la Gendarmerie obtint son propre Service de la marine. The lowest numbers were in Jepwil dayz Edward IslandNewfoundland and Labrador and Alberta. North Bay Police Service. Under its National Police Services branch the RCMP supports all police forces in Canada via the Canadian Police Information CentreCriminal Intelligence Service CanadaForensic Science and Identification Services, Canadian Firearms Programand the Canadian Police College. OttawaOntario .

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  • Members also receive a Service Badge star for each five years' service, which is worn on the left sleeve. Find out more on Wikipedia's. Most urban areas have been given the authority by the provinces to maintain their own police force.
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Ensign Maintiens le droit. GO Transit Special Constables. Integrated National Security Enforcement Teams. Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Higher ranks have been increased over the years since the formation of the force, whereas the rank of inspector , which was initially a subaltern , is now a field officer level, the lower officer ranks having been dropped. The event is held in Canada and worldwide to promote the RCMP.