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The Political Science Department offers courses that engage these and other timely issues. Students can choose to specialize in American politics, law and.
Pages · Baruch College Undergraduate Bulletin - Fall 2016 / Spring Political Science does NOT offer any capstone courses in summer or.
Requirements for the Major and Minor in Political Science (POL) Method I: Students may submit to the department's director of undergraduate studies a...

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Focuses on a core set of debates that frame intellectual and practical approaches to solving environmental challenges. A brief description no more than one page of a possible thesis topic. Introduces students to the theoretical frameworks, empirical cases, policy instruments and cutting-edge debates in the field of human rights. Is capitalist society just or unjust? Most problems are resolved at this point. Majors may verify whether selected courses will count toward major and subfield requirements with the department's Academic Coordinator. Must include one lab in the natural or physical sciences. What role does the court play in defining citizenship rights? undergraduate bulletin department political science

Though the primary focus will be to explore normative theories of citizenship, we will briefly consider how the European Union and the United States are dealing with some of the pressing issues regarding citizenship: immigration and assimilation. At the crossroads of three continents, the Middle East is home to many diverse peoples, with ancient and proud cultures, in varying stages of political and socio-economic development, often times in conflict. These kinds of data represent tremendous opportunities as well as formidable challenges for making inferences. Dynamics of political institutions and processes, chiefly of hotels travel ewrcp courtyard paramus national government. The collective choice problem is one faced by society as a whole and by the smallest group alike. Archive of Previous Editions. It is important that prospective teachers carefully review the College of Education section of this bulletin and consult with their Political Science Department adviser regarding university and state requirements in addition to department requirements for teacher certification. Political science provides students with an understanding of the multifaceted ideas, structures, and processes of politics in the United States and abroad.

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The Political Philosophy of Capitalism. Functions of, and biases inherent in, the group process.

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Extsocialdevelopment resources gender environment poverty Covers main policy areas including housing, education, the economy, homeland security. This course examines the varied effectiveness of interest groups and movements on public policy formation, with emphasis on resources, organizational structure, ideology, strategies, and tactics. Only transfer courses with a grade of C or higher may be accepted toward the major. A survey of the major provisions of the U. This course is an introduction to politics in Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.