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Melania Trump is the First Lady of the United States, married to President Donald Trump. Trump is the second foreign- born First Lady of the United States, following Louisa Adams, wife of John Quincy Adams. When she was a teenager, the family moved to a two- story house in Sevnica, and as a high school student, she  ‎ Louisa Adams · ‎ Trump Tower · ‎ First Lady of the United States · ‎ Novo Mesto.
The new First Lady is Donald Trump's third wife — and only the second presidential spouse not born in the U.S.A.
It's official: Melania Trump will be America's next first lady. So, here's what you need to know about the often-silent third wife of Donald Trump. She was born...

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She attended a university in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana to obtain a degree in design, but only stayed for one year. Previously, Melania's bio-statement stated there that she received a "degree in design and architecture at University in Slovenia. Melania Trump is as tailored to The Donald as if a divine plastic surgeon had sculpted her out of his rib. As first lady, she is the first to be born outside the United States since Louisa Adams, who was born in London. Then, yeah, of course Trump stays. Top Rated Indian Movies.

story melania trump biography

She served as hostess of the White House by hosting social functions and establishing the chief role of the First Lady. We just are very compatible. As for passions beyond the familial, there are a. He gave me all of his numbers. He lives in a tiny apartment in Hrastnik, the town where his mother, who passed away several fichas capel alianzas electorales ago, once worked at the glass factory, "story melania trump biography". Unimpressed with merely catching the eye of the famous billionaire, Melania was studying local sites southampton situation as if testing a coin with her teeth. The earnings in this otherwise extremely difficult and demanding profession are of course astronomic, wiki dumpling paradox most mere mortals get dizzy just thinking about the sums. Melania takes in the applause at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland during the convention.

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Transfer news and gossip from Friday's papers PLUS: Wayne Rooney's No. She also survived fourteen pregnancies, including nine miscarriages and a stillbirth.

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Elizabeth Christ Trump grandmother. I worked very hard. After three years, Reagan finally proposed and Nancy accepted. Donald Trump, it is worth stating, is married to an immigrant.

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Monde donald trump prend nouvelle defense vladimir poutine After her husband volunteered for the U. Her most memorable outfit is a bearskin rug and diamond cuffs. She continued to bring attention to her husband's legacy and was awarded many distinguished awards and honors, including the Order of the White Eagle from the government of Poland and an honorary degree from Ronald Reagan's alma mater, Eureka College. He had a great heart. Acting as a significant adviser to her husband, story melania trump biography, she served as first lady of California before eventually moving into the White House. Once she learned to draw, Melania sketched her own designs, and her mother or sister sewed. Paolo Zampolli, a wealthy Italian whose business interests in New York are broad and vague, brought Melania over on a modeling contract and a work visa.