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Emma Gardner, author of the award-winning blog Poires au Chocolat, gives her tips on blog design, food photography and recipe writing.
One of the most common questions we get from readers is about starting a food blog (or a personal blog or some other blog). How do you start a blog? Should.
You get criticized. A lot. Articles like this one, written by a food blogger. And this one, written tongue-in-cheek. Or this one called Are Food Blogs..

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I really believe your site will receive more search traffic if you can customize your meta descriptions and use a recipe formatting plugin. Hey Bonnie, if you want the best and want hosting that can easily scale as your blog grows, go with Liquid Web. It gave me a lot to think about and provided a lot of guidance! Below is a screenshot of what I use for package information settings. Other resources for food blogging:. WordPress has tons of free WordPress themes to pick from. Thank you so much, Rollie. Holly Leaf Cookie Cutter Set.
starting food blog

Click on the WordPress logo. I love your site! To be honest, I have the hardest time keeping up with social media and other blogs. Prachi Reply Reply Reply Reply. Public Health England says we need to consume less dairy to get fitter. Could you write a post on this? Thanks for sharing good ideas, i really enjoy your post, starting food blog. Howie Foodie WordPress theme by Medium and Message: would be a great choice. If you build it, they may not come. Thank you for the tips! I just have heard of other places like blogger and blogspot I am quite ignorant on the subject, for all I know blogger and blogspot are the same thing but basically I am just wondering why wordpress over all others? We are in the process of developing a community for food bloggers. I am new to food blogging and hope that your ideas get me some visitors to survive :. Please can you suggest me a better theme. It is a theme full of feautures for a food blog.

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Thank you so much for such an excellent article! Thanks alot and keep up the good work. I do have a name picked out though! Thank you for taking time to share this post! Hey Kim, I totally understand your frustration. Specialy the list of recipe submission sites.

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NATIONALITE FRANCAISE ACQUISITION MARIAGE These are some really useful and awesome tips! Great stuff Kate, and Happy New Year. How to start a food blog: everything you need to know. The pulgin recommendations have been so helpful! Thank you in advance — Sammie.
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