after enabling uploads in the core optional modules i get an error that the sites / default / files is not writeable. the owner and user are set to the permissions are 775. i can manually create the files folder elsewhere and point drupal to it and no problems, but if it is.
In the folder sites / default create a new directory called files . Grant read, write and execute permissions on the new directory to the Web server.
Specifically default / files / (also sub directories?), . Create the directory. mkdir sites / default / files # Now set the group to the Apache...

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The parts that I think are confusing you are all the parts regarding the use of CHMOD. Disclaimer: try at your own risk, I will not be held responsible if you run a command that you don't know what it does. Start here for a quick overview of the site. The methods described here propose methods to correct the permissions on the directory to allow Drupal to use it. Then it will work as expected. Troubleshooting Apache-based Web Servers. I first re-assigned ownership from myself to the "apache" user, as suggested, but that didn't work. Does anyone know anything about this or if I will need to watch out for drupal reverting back to something of its own creation.

If you do not have shell access, please contact your hosting provider for additional support. If you do those commands they should get most of the permissions back to their originals. I run it occasionally to ensure that my permissions are set up correctly. This section is about your Unix computer account, which you used to connect and mess around with your files on your Unix server. Anybody can ask a question. Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert, sites default files springbreadthsocialbehavioralsciences. Usually, you can figure out a way to make it work for you and the server. Issue news wearables best iphone apps games View changes. If it's a different computer, your account on it might be very different. What I can do in WHM is set up SSH access, so I can connect directly into my server shell as the root user via PuTTY. None of the solutions above worked for me!!! Not necessarily Ubuntu, and it's still a helpful measure, even if there's multiple sites running on the same server. If you know the name of the file, and you have x permission, you can use that file or directory and directories beneath, if any. Today I had a problem with some content not showing up when I copied a local drupal website onto a live server. I first re-assigned ownership from myself to the "apache" user, blog teachers teaching quotes suggested, but that didn't work.

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Set up a password for this user.. The solution was in the "chown" command, which you use to change ownership of files and folders. Governance of community About. Your site is the only one running on that server. I know this is not perfect security, but let's not let perfect be the enemy of good here. Temporarily give the web server write permissions to The Drupal files folder should be writable by the webserver.

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Sites default files springbreadthsocialbehavioralsciences Thank you for your interest in this question. Your web server should be able to read all of the files but not write to. That drupal page like so many is very long and confusing. Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us. Everything that Drupal and PHP do, they do as this user. If the directory files is not "owned" by the Web server there are two ways to proceed.
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CREDIT CARD NEWS REASONS BLOCKED TIPS HANDLING If anyone knows why this folder would need executable permissions assigned, please let me know by commenting. If your site involves uploading files then give the server permission to write to that one folder. Thanks for that extra data. Skip to main content. The user who created the file should still be able to overwrite the file, in the case a next version of Drupal comes with an. Anyone can access and delete your files!