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Here are examples of streaming issues in Kodi Genesis, Exodus, SALTS, Apparently, the search feature isn't working yet since it's still new.
If you don't want to install and setup Kodi yourself than there are several to choose from. .. TOP WORKING KODI Video Add-ons 2017 .. just do a search online and you'll see why media streaming devices whether running..

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Can someone help me? Again, you can complain about it but this is how developer created it and he created it for himself and is just sharing it with us. Recently started having issues with playback on streams. Tried updating search timeout and changing sources but still persisting. To do this I needed to stop the vid as I wrote them down,and rewound the vid to get parts I missed. It takes alittle time to get used to it but whenever i need answers or explainations I go to youtube and find it.

search kodi working

I will click on exodus then choose either movies or tv shows and after that it will not do anything. Is that a DSL connection? I keep receiving msgs from different providers saying I need authorization and to visit their site, search kodi working. Ull really get dizzy of so many source to watch on. All I can see is a jigsaw piece for the Icon. Any idea how I can fix this or what the problem is? To resolve you have to kill Kodi, but after restarting it is doing the. Has to be something with your ISP or your modem igor…i know its not my modem or is as I was able to watch Netflix using the box. Have it ever occurred to you that maybe there are some people that are OK with CAM? Double check search kodi working is correct. Exodus tv shows are not showing up in any list whatsoever. Your tips, screenshots and videos were fantastic and made it super easy for me to figure out how to do it. It does not bookmark. I wish to thank ALL the folks at kodi And all the folks that make the tuiterals vids and those that teach in the forums. Can you make something better? Clicking on a repository will also show australian capital territory canberra add-ons it contains. There are no good search kodi working available yet, give it more time. Best you find a show that is not affected and get hooked on it. In addition to that, the original developer has retired.

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Still nothing happening when pressing on certain icons though like comedy under genre in TV shows. What is going on?! If you want to temporally fix the search in Exodus do this: Create an account on and apply for a new API key developer. Thanks so much Wireless Hack!! Second, let me remind you that this addon is a free stuff. Found this with my car too. Installed on my HP pavilion so I can take it anywhere and connect it to any tv in or out of my house.

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At movies, years are not working. Installing Kodi depends on which hardware you plan to use.