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If Trump and Sanders ended up working together to MAGA, I couldn't be more And if he turns out to be great, I'll campaign for him myself.
Donald Trump says he would 'still' beat Hillary Clinton in the popular vote Polls Shows Bernie Sanders Would Win Election By Landslide.
Montana CD-1 Election Bernie Sanders To Introduce Health Care Legislation That Will Put The GOP Plan To There is much truth to this Trump sign..

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The DNC knew that Clinton was a weak candidate. This is why you can't trust progressives, because their principles are fucking weird and follow some ever changing progressive stack depending on who's en-vouge in the progressive world and who isnt. sanders trump reddit election

This is a huge reason why Sanders is a weaker candidate than Clinton. It's the active pandering to the SJW view that words hold just as much weight as actions that caused Clinton's downfall. Just check out any thread on Trumps taxes and see how many NAMBLA posts there are. You cannot require insurers to cover everyone while simultaneously allowing people not to buy insurance because the result is a death spiral where mostly sick people buy insurance and healthy people largely don't buy it, and therefore premiums skyrocket. Paul couldn't so much as place in the Libertarian Utopia state of New Hampshire. And here we are. Interview with Stephen Spoonamore on of the electronic voting issues that have been raised for a while now:. Every issue put forward by the Trump campaign about Hilary Clinton has been things that she has actually. After all, Sanders and Cruz took the primaries. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. I can't help but think how many voters on news transfer zone schweinsteiger urges striker ibrahimovic join changed their mind when it was learned that she had paid astroturfers on reddit. I'm not a practicing Christian as I'm an atheist, but being a Christian even if you don't go to church tells a lot of people that you share a community. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically, sanders trump reddit election. Post titles must be the exact headline from the article. Be nimble, he's revealed his hand, he's part of the Clinton Camp. Even those 'high and sanders trump reddit election republicans don't even go to church. That was so crazy. And yet, when he actually ran, he never got more than a few percent. He would crush n the debate.

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Bright enough blind Let's not forget that every time Trump opened his mouth, the media covered it for days. Who knows what line of attack the GOP would have used on Bernie, but it would have been despicable. The delegation left Burlington the next day. Click here to join our channel via webchat with easy log-in. Other independent experts said his plans are unworkable and dead on arrival in Congress. Treat others with basic decency. Edit: my point isn't to be pro Bernie or anti Bernie, and it isn't even limited to politics - but of course things are the perhaps the most contentious .