salted brown butter crispy treats

But then I made these Salted Chocolate Brown Butter Crispy Treats, and I'm certain that I'll be making up for lost time with many, many batches.
Then turn clear golden & start to turn brown & smell nutty. Stir frequently, scraping up any bits from the bottom. Don't take eyes off the pot, period b/w butter.
Well- last when I was traveling to Disney I spotted fancy one in the LaGuardia Airport: “ Brown Butter Sea Salt Krispie Treat.” I almost bought it....

Salted brown butter crispy treats - travel

I have never had one of your recipes flop. Your recipes though, are incredible!!! Ohmy, these are delicious. I think he looks a lot like Alex here.

salted brown butter crispy treats

The first batch was alright. People were lined up to get a piece. Best Brown Butter Salted Rice Kris. Thank you for the recipe!!! I think that was perfect, except that it resulted in me eating way too. I suppose the implied intention is that you sit down and share them with the kiddos, but clearly I lack the sharing skillz for. Cups Rice Krispies cereal. Oh, what a cute little monkey! If you like it, save it! What am I doing different? I am having an annual Halloween party and made these as a treat because i could not resist, salted brown butter crispy treats. Hey looks so cute all dressed up! I added the salt and a few drops of vanilla extract to the melted marshmallows and mixed thoroughly BEFORE adding the cereal. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing. Spread the melted chocolate over the bars. Ahhhh newport escorts listing I made salted brown butter crispy treats with the marshmallow recipe of yours that I used at thanksgiving: Found this recipe this morning and had all ingredients on hand except I only had salted butter.

A Cooking Show: Salted Brown Butter Crispy Treats

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I find this embarrassing since it appears that in all the comments no one else was confused but Where does the salt come in? Oh dear, still trying to work off the Halloween candy. Sign In or Sign Up. Oh, you are killing me here. I just keep adding until all are coated well. Appetizers for a Crowd. Last time I added a touch of concentrated lavender simple syrup, too.