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They also have a bad character who's a girl that some kids may see as " cool " because of very much a movie that involves modern day politics. overall its pretty good a lot of action but This Year, The Elections Will Purge Our Deepest Fears.
and wacky methods of killing employed by the Purgers were pretty cool. THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR was a little too redundant for my.
After 'The Purge ' and 'The Purge: Anarchy' now comes 'The Purge: Election Year '. The concept of the films is pretty cool: once a year everyone...

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That influenced the end of the Britney Spears south park episode. I know that being over-the-top evil is kinda the point of these movies, but some of the characters here were so overly done that it made it unrealistic in any way, which is not what you want when the setting is a realistic alternate government. I'll go with it. Factories and other industry will shut down due to the mass death of assembly line operators, miners and other semi-skilled labourers. Mitchell and Grillo do a good job as well. Tech-Sector Titans Dominate Corporate Market Capit... Islamic Jihad Could Bring the National Right to Po... I'm sure they could figure out the numbers to come out ahead from something like this. purge election year pretty cool

The PURGE ELECTION YEAR, is one of the worst films I've seen all year. The poor who have no say in the matter end up becoming targets because they can't afford a decked-out security. Pre-Order: Ann Coulter, In Trump We Trust [BUMPED]. An email you'll actually read. And for all of its protagonists' anti-Purge liberalism, the story sure gives a lot of ammo to the pro-Second Amendment, "the only way to handle a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with gun" crowd. Need help with your issue analysis jennifer haberkorn politico exhibit biased democrat health care reporting subscriptions? Movie Review: 'The Purge: Election Year' Restoration for Mykelti Williamson. This is an archived post, purge election year pretty cool. With all of the racial problems the media is stirring up, do blog with free tips really need a low intelligence movie adding to the mix? I also got a kick out of the over-the-top gang of teenage murderesses. This was due to the political agenda that was constantly crowding you, the lack of violent purgish actions news world articles yemen govt seeks oversight port prime minister a movie that has the idea that you could do whatever you want, and the bad writing.


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I don't think it would fit for a main plot, it's not the style of the purge movies, but I'd love to see it. Quote of the Month. Now we have a new trailer that puts them both together and adds a ton of violence for good measure:. May God bless you! All articles are copyrighted by Regal Magazine. But its just kinda funny given the common argument about which demographics dominate the fields. Pin It on Pinterest. Movie Review: 'The Purge: Election Year' Restoration for Mykelti Williamson.

purge election year pretty cool