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Elections & Voting Send the text "CO" to for links to election information and voter registration. Colorado elections & campaign finance calendar.
Elections & voters. 2016 results. 2016 Biennial Abstract Report (PDF) · General Election results in Excel format (XLSX) · General Election precinct-level results in.
Certificate - General Election Statewide Abstract of Votes Cast (PDF) Primary Election results in Excel format (XLSX) · Blue Book - ballot information (PDF).

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Poll watchers are certified by political parties, unaffiliated candidates, and proponents and opponents of ballot questions. For more information, please contact your County Election Office.

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The Election Results Are Already In

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But please note that how you register to vote matters. To do so, go to to find your polling locations. I am planning to go away to college, should I wait to register there?

pubs elections election info

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Printable voter registration forms are also available on the Secretary of State's web site. Colorado law allows college students to keep their voter registration in their hometown and vote by mail from college. For more information, please contact the Colorado Department of Revenue. Accessible voting machines are available in every polling location for voters. Most states require voters to register to vote a certain number of days before Election Day. You may register to vote by appearing in-person at a voter service and polling center through Election Day.

pubs elections election info