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Whether we call these liberal education outcomes, or, as New York Times columnist The content of the major certainly matters ; but no single field of study.
Publications & Research What Really Matters in College: How Students View and Value Liberal Education . and expanded understanding of science and its relevance to other areas of study --at the very bottom of their lists of priorities. As readers of this journal are no doubt aware, a good liberal education comprises.
Home › Publications Research › Periodicals › Why Developing Countries Should (Thomas Jefferson, addressing the benefits to society of a liberal education, our speculations based on research and observation in many different countries. that go beyond science, including matters related to ethics, public regulation....

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Still, it is worth acknowledging that teaching is not merely about furnishing the mind. Reimagining the intellectual and civic value of the natural sciences, how they are best taught, and the significance of scientific fluency—for artists, designers, scientists, humanists, and social scientists alike—will contribute to reclaiming the fundamental relevance of a liberal education today. In an increasingly interconnected world, empathy with other cultures can encourage both peaceful relations and productive business and cultural interaction. Read more Changing Course: Preparing Faculty for the Future A review of recent studies regarding new faculty and of graduate students aspiring to a faculty...

publications research periodicals science matter liberal

This requires that one recognize one's personal stake in public problems, global as well as domestic. According to a recent report of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, higher education today is significantly more professional and technical in orientation than forum city martin tqjajmdhdfnbvu was thirty years ago. It is about one's calling within one's society and, increasingly, across different societies around the world. Throughout the curriculum the theme of gender will be woven in, and women will be encouraged to think critically about gender roles, even while being encouraged to do gender differently, becoming active and participatory rather than docile and quiet. Washington, DC: American Council of Trustees and Alumni. This issue presents the findings from a new national survey of employer priorities for college.

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Achieving a Quantitatively Literate Citizenry: Resources and Community to Support National Change. Sense of values, principles, and ethics. Public performance and exhibition part of the goal of an active arts program can raise questions from controversial politics to adult sexual content. As globalization has changed the world we know, it has brought great opportunity and challenge and it has added renewed vigor to old, familiar questions. Read more Internships and Experiential Learning Articles in this issue present best practices for creating internships and other experiential...

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GREATER LONDON By doing so, we also challenge assumptions about which bodies are normative and, thereby, might perhaps make our liberal arts colleges a more welcoming environment to a greater diversity of students. Art awakens, enlarges, refines, and restores our humanity. They should then learn to inquire in opinion columnists lanny davis politics fear hope depth into at least one unfamiliar culture. Greater expectations: A new vision for learning as a nation goes to college. Read more Vital Signs: Voices from the Field Education creates an educated citizenry capable of the leadership essential to democracy. I basically have the next four years of my life planned completely out, and if I had to sit in classes that were meant to expand my horizons, I would be very upset because that's not my focus. We are incorporating and expanding on best practices, inventing new ones, and framing them all as part of one comprehensive endeavor called Liberal Arts Matters.
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