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There are tools you can use to protect your social and online accounts, If your social accounts get hacked, your business's reputation may be.
How to Prevent Social Media Identity Theft. The fastest growing type of fraud is Internet fraud. Email scams, phishing and hacking are only a few of hundreds of.
Prevent Your Social Media Accounts from being Hacked. Follow a Few Rules. Learn What Happened to Hootsuite CEO and How to Prevent it..

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In some cases, social media identity theft is as simple as someone choosing your full name on social media websites and using it for fraud. Instantly delete this messages to err on the side of caution. Tell your friends directly, by phone or in person, if you believe their social media or email accounts have been hacked. You're reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media. Interested in ways to prevent security breaches? How to create the ideal company culture.
prevent social media hack