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Here is a schedule for all the major events surrounding the inauguration of President - elect Donald Trump....

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Scepticism over Trump's candidacy stemmed not only from his controversial platform on immigration and outrageous campaign style, but from his celebrity past. Ruddy told Politico that Friday night and Saturday fit with "the news cycle... Though not a cabinet appointment, it is already clear Mr Bannon wields immense influence behind the scenes as one of Mr Trump's key advisers. Mr Branstad was an early supporter for Mr Trump, and his son served as the president-elect's state campaign director in Iowa. Share this with LinkedIn. Under Mr Bannon, it became one of the most-read conservative news and opinion sites in the US. Before becoming the state's chief executive, she served six years as a member of the state's House of Representatives.

president elect donald trump

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  • Environmental activists are concerned Mr Perry will shift the department's focus on renewable energy toward fossil fuels. However, within two weeks of his arrival in the White House, Mr Bannon was added to the National Security Council at the expense of the joint chiefs of staff - an unprecedented move.
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Full Event: President-Elect Donald Trump Holds Press Conference at Trump Tower 1/11/17

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President elect donald trump Environmental advocacy groups largely condemned the pick, with the Sierra Club saying that "Zinke is firmly in the past, patricks parade trump tower to plans to mine, drill and log public lands to benefit corporate polluters, supporting dangerous and dirty projects like the Keystone XL pipeline, and opposing efforts to clean up our air". Policy Director to the Second Lady. You can find it online. Trump's cabinet: The people around the president. Mr Spicer has not shied away from criticising Mr Trump in the past. He has not been educational psychology roxana moreno an official position within the Trump administration but Mr Kushner has been named alongside three of Mr Trump's children in the transition team and he is said to have the president-elect's ear.
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ENTERTAINMENT NEWS HOST MEGYN KELLY MOVES VIEWERS TURN STORY CEBECFCCABBAE Mr Spicer has not shied away from criticising Mr Trump in the past. Human Services Tom Price Secretary of Housing and Urban. White House Chief of Staff. Development Secretary of Transportation Secretary of Energy Secretary of Education Secretary of Veterans Affairs Secretary of Homeland Security John F. The report noted also that "members of [the President's] White House team regularly demand anonymity when talking to reporters".