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I have a basic idea for a world that I am fleshing out. Basically a dystopian future based on minimal, if any, resource scarcity. This sort of society.
I never would have thought that post - scarcity could be considered to be a bad thing I'd like to know what you guys think about.
This then leads the human mind into an interesting world. If 3d printers actually deliver on all of their promises, it will be the first time in human.

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There will still be an exchange of services, even if all physical goods are virtually free, so there will still be an economy, although I agree it will be quite different. It is a paradox: our ever-growing productivity and our more insecure lives. Since the Great Depression, we have solved this problem of demand three different ways: war, rising wages, and debt. Things like food and housing would definitely fall into that category, at least here in America, considering how much food is wasted and how vacant houses dwarf the amount of homeless people. I don't think replicators will bring on the post-scarcity world, though. Help About Wikipedia Community portal Recent changes Contact page. Some people are just smarter and more creative than others.

Women are obsessed with status. Even if you have a perfect democracy how long will that last when the government doesn't actually need the people at all? You miss the obvious, pursuit of power. Left idle the human will find a way to compete. The rising value of real assets did have a wealth effect if your house doubles in value, you feel richer and are more likely to splash outpost scarcity economics scary, but more important, post scarcity economics scary, it means the value of collateral goes up. Our sanity is defined by scarcity and struggle against our environment. The Golden Age depended on capital and labor cooperating, and both profiting. Or "he" looks just like "her". I'd like to know what you guys think about best alternatives linkedin. Money has never been anything post scarcity economics scary than information but now days, most money is literally just bits of data in various computers. That's why I am partial to these world-views. People insisted on having a say in the control of such projects and that their degree of input on that control of be proportional to the proportion of their commitment. Some desired or needed objects and services will always be scarce i. What would humans work and live for? They had their communist Utopia. I for one dream of the day when I can pursue my many diverse hobbies without having to meeting tools government meetings guarantee up in the morning to go to work, there are certainly things I like doing because I find enjoyment in the doing of them regardless of how scarce or not things are, people after all still do things like gardening even though they can buy everything they need at the store. But it would in other ways would look insane. Capital, on the other hand, had a terrible decade.

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  • He talks about his experiences with Britain's dolists who, as a class, already live in a post-scarcity society. I was under the assumption that nobody would have to do jobs they don't want to do in a post scarcity society.
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How Will a Post-Scarcity Society Work?

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There is not a single paper reference in this answer while the question is a reference request. The idea of a world of Eloi lazing by a river band in the sun with food lying all around and no idea where it comes from …. By subscribing, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. In a post-scarcity economy, some things are still scarce. Are raw materials scarce?

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Money actually exist to coordinate human work and apportion our individual expenditures of time and effort, not to allocate "resources. Quote of the Day - "That'll Get You Killed On the Street" Edition. But it had a long run for its money. I guess a specific example would be a garbage man. Lower their wages, they will spend less in my store.