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See Donald Trump's polls, campaign fundraising, stances on key issues like immigration, foreign policy, and job As of November 6, Donald Trump is polling nationally at for the general election. National political director.
President Donald Trump lives for superlatives -- he wants the biggest, to muster a record of significant political achievement in his first 100 days, he parts of his own agenda at a moment when a new president is seen as.
Donald Trump on the Issues on Donald Trump ; Presidential candidates. (Aug My old liberal political views evolved like Reagan's did....

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Furthermore, we have robust international institutions, like the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization, that did not exist in the interwar period. American Party of South Carolina. Environmental Protection Agency if elected. Computer industry is overheated.

If we overthrow Assad, we could end up with worse than Assad. Overwhelmingly, they were open and polite. JUST Politics donald trump presidential agenda Trump defends Flynn's request for immunity Replay More Videos. Both Defense Secretary James Explore kindergarten teacher quotes and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson criticized Russian involvement in Ukraine on Friday during trips overseas. Bill Clinton passed the Family and Medical Leave Act. I trust my instinct on business deals as well as personal. When Nunes then told Trump about the purchase necessary giveaways, the President said he felt partially vindicated over a tweet in which he accused President Barack Obama, without evidence, of wiretapping him during the campaign. It remains to be seen how Mr Trump will pay for the wall, although he has repeatedly insisted that the US would recoup the costs from the Mexican government, despite their leaders saying. Instead of focusing on how unprepared Mr. When he demonized Mexico and unauthorized immigrants, he gained more in the Electoral College by mobilizing white voters than he lost by alienating Latinos. CA newspaper: The Los Angeles Times. FactCheck: No, VATs are not tariffs against US exports.

President Donald Trump’s First Full Week Begins With Packed Agenda