Foul Play. Type, Dark. Category, Physical. Power, 95 BP. Accuracy, PP, 15. Uses the target's Attack stat in damage calculation. Pokemon. Abra · Psychic.
For Pokemon X on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How do you play smogon matches?".
Why does what Smogon says matter so much if there's no real way to play officially by their rules? I know this is probably an extremely nooby..

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Art posts are currently allowed on weekdays only! They said they'd report the battle but when I checked they reported it as their win and were posting bragging comments about sweeping me with a single Pokemon Not the one I used. I'm sure things have changed a lot since then, and I'm not sure how things are now because I don't care for the site. This is often a difficult concept for players of the cartridge games to understand. If you intend to take part in one of these tournaments, make sure you put in the necessary preparation time with your tutor, as competition has been known to be quite fierce! No Info No Info.. Come lend a hand!. Topic Archived More topics from this board...

Smogon is unofficial, it's restricting you, play gxmogn. Substitute is a thing. When I was younger and I did try to follow their rules, I used a "NU" Pokemon and ended up sweeping play gxmogn of thier higher ranking people using their rules. However, Choice Band will force Tyranitar to continually attack with Earthquake, which is a very risky play due to the frequency and power of xbox accessories chatpad info which are immune to Ground-type attacks. I've seen other posts online about other people trying to go up in the ranks or whatever it is they're using so they could try to vote, but apparently, you have to be in play gxmogn certain position for a certain amount of time before a voting session thing, otherwise you can't vote, and if you're beat by anyone in a higher position than you, you lose your position., "play gxmogn". Defog, haze and whirlwind are good options, but only delay the setup until your user is weakened. Active code megathreads: Bottle caps. There are many old Pokemon simulations that are now out of commission, dating back to the days of RBY play. This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. I do enjoy the benefits of playing against Smogon players. A large part of competitive Pokemon deals with the ability to analyze situations and form a plan to deal with both short and long term threats, while at the same time executing your own strategy. Image Only Image Only. Toxic from Poison types still takes a while to kill and isnt exactly widespread either, most good poison types i can think of would rather run toxic spikes or an offensive set instead. Why does what Smogon says matter so much if there's no real way to play officially by their rules? Boards Pokemon X How do you "play" on Smogon? Check out the thread for more details! The first is to promote balanced gameplay and the second is to create an environment where weaker Pokemon can be used. Similarly-minded abilities like Unaware are useful. This was very important in the first three generations, play gxmogn, as it was the only possible method of battling competitively against a large variety of opponents.

How to get into Smogon Tournaments! How to get started in the Smogon Tournament Scene!

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Only you can decide how you have fun User Info: DrEchoKnight So a sizeable chunk of the whole competitive battling scene is just happening on some simulator site and not even actually being played in game? It's also possible to acquire perfect Pokemon through trading networks of competitive breeders, and thus use perfect Pokemon and competitive strategies in Wi-Fi battles and real-life tournaments. Granted, many of them won't know what you mean, either due to being casual players or not speaking your language. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.