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Original Table of Contents or First Page Ellis Sandoz, Political Sermons of the American Founding Era: 2 vols, Foreword by Ellis Sandoz (2nd ed. Thornton's fine old collection, The Pulpit of the American Revolution (Boston.
The Pulpit of the American Revolution: Or, the Political Sermons of the Period Front Cover. D. Lothrop, 1876 - United States - 537 pages.
Indeed, it was often through the political sermon -- the "pulpit of the American Revolution " -- that the LibertyPress, 1991 - Political Science - 1596 pages....

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Digitizing sponsor Sloan Foundation. Eager to confirm his analysis, Adams sent copies of the sermon to scores of leading intellectuals and public figures of his day. The chief criterion for selection of the various pieces was their intellectual interest.

In Religion and Politics in the Early RepublicDaniel L. The rule of this collection has been to reprint unannotated editions of complete sermons that would permit their authors to speak fully for themselves. The great cry of the awakeners was for a converted ministry, one able inspirational motivational quotes education revive religious communities lacking vitality and zeal, so as to make the presence of God with his people a palpable reality. What had passed for pamphlets in my reading of excerpted eighteenth-century American material often turned out to be published sermons. The century sermon of Elhanan Winchester is included here no. Unfortunately, coercive law can be inflicted in ways that are not merely just and conducive to truth, righteousness, and union with God, but not infrequently to their very opposites.

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For though our concern is with political sermons—and thus exceptional expressions of the faith of a people who looked to the eternal beyond for the perfect fulfillment of their pilgrimage through time in partnership with God—the spiritual root of that collaborative enterprise directed by Providence requires a word or two of clarification. The clergy of this colony are as virtuous, sensible and learned a set of men, as will probably be found in any part of the globe of equal size and equally populous. Convention sermons also were political in nature and grew out of election-day ceremonies. This has created a blind spot regarding the fundamental acts of the American cnreports.infocal sermons such as the fifty-five collected in this volume are unique to America, in both kind and significance.

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Greene and William G. In a world where we feel put upon if a pastor preaches for more than a half an hour, or the sermon actually exhorts us to some course of action, this volume is an eye opening experience.