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Adding pages to your blog can be a great way to organize content - like For a Horizontal list, add a Pages Widget under the Header (e.g.
I'd like to change the background and text font & size on my Pages gadgets but the Tabs text & Tabs background options aren't showing up in.
Make sure you have already added your Pages Gadget before the new Blogger interface, you can add external links to your Pages gadget....

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Did anyone tell you that you are one butt-kicking, amazing genius! A: Creating A Banner in Photoshop Open Photoshop. But when i preview my blog, the pages still align to left Dear Green.. But, I hate when blogger make this not simple. The new look for the summary of pages on each blog.
pages gadget blogspot

And I want the font to be calligraffitti. Make sure you have already added your Pages Gadget before attempting this tutorial. I just want one!!! I copied and pasted the code you provided on my css and it did not work it just brings all the gadgets that are on the left side to the center. Making it easier to manage pages on your blog. Sorry if it has already been pointed out below, pages gadget blogspot, I didnt read on before posting. There have been other "pages gadget blogspot" of problems with the Pages gadget on dynamic templates, especially if you are trying to add more than than one Pages gadget to your blog. Can you spot it? Thanks for your help :. This should somehow help you. Let me know how this works. Lizzzy that's why people hate IE : I'm stumped on this one. Click the drop-down menu next to "Show pages as" to set how pages will display.

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Amelia You did nothing wrong. Oh my gosh, THANK YOU! Can you tell me how to do that? Click "Edit" on the "Pages" gadget.

pages gadget blogspot

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DYSON PURE COOL LINK REVIEW I can't see it anywhere in source code. Thank you so much, works perfectly! The only option is to use a HTML gadget, and put a linked-list in it - with this, you can add the open in new page code to links. I'm really new on pages gadget blogspot designing a blogg stuff! Had spotted this needed an answer and as you asked it Kate I will answer it. Problem is, the bar is now a bit short on each end and doesn't match up with my header and content area.
NEWSROOM PRESS RELEASE CONFIRMS COACH APPOINTMENTS YOUTH DEVELOPMENTAL TEAMS View you blog using Firefox or any other browser that lets you to view the page source - Right Click - View Page Source. The only way now is to center you tabs "manually" -using padding. Hi, I've tried centering and changing the font size but there's no change. Can you please help me fix. Thanks Hi Weiying, What happens when you try to use an image background via the tutorial above?
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