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Pages are static. They are a good way to publish information that doesn't change much, like an About page. Pages appear in the Pages widget and in tabs/links...

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Easily build stunning, memorable presentations. An example of a static page might be an HTML document without any PHP code. A web page can be static or dynamic. Learn more, including about available controls: Cookies Policy. Create your own website. These use extensive PHP code which is evaluated each time the page is visited, and the content is thus generated upon each new visit. We love hearing your feedback. And everyone collaborating on a document has access to the same powerful features.

Main page Assets docs volno Featured content Current events Random article Donate to Wikipedia Wikipedia store. Preview Pages for iOS in the iOS App Store. See external link. Another parent Page "South America" would feature subpages of Argentina, Brazil and Chile. The survey pages divided into three parts, pages.

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The problem with purely static pages is that they are difficult to maintain. List of PDF software. PAGES may be able to help if you are searching for long-term data on past climate and environment. The Permalinks of your Pages will also reflect this Page hierarchy.