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The Future of Liberal Arts Education (MPR News, August 16, a Waste of Time (Lonsdale Comp, August 10, · Can Liberal Arts Come to the Rescue.
Liberal arts take a beating again -- but don't sweat it, humanities majors. Topics: College, Education, Etsy, liberal arts, Life News that she studied French poetry by snorting, “What a waste of time! And earlier this year, even President Obama offhandedly assured, “I promise you, folks can.
At Stanford University's commencement ceremony on June 12, he told the audience, "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living..

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Place a Classified Ad. The schools officials that signed the letter represent Bennet College for Women, Clark Atlanta University, Wiley College, Rust College, and the University of Memphis. Since only a small fraction of what we learn in life occurs in college, I can't see that an individual's major is all that important.

news obama liberal arts waste time

Print and Digital Subscription. I taught as an adjunct for decades in a community college and a professional school. On the problem at hand. Heard on the Street Podcast. Patrick McBurnett To be fair computer programmers don't need a degree. New Neighborhood Emerging on the Domino Refinery Site. The engineering and science majors really are the students with the degrees who have the most choices. In college, my friend Adam had to choose between acting and law. Perhaps Billy Joel was right when he claimed, "she can't be convicted, she's earned her degree.

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