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As I write, I've just returned from the annual meeting of the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, a vibrant interdisciplinary.
If you've spent any time at an academic conference, you know the scene: A stage full of scholars have just finished presenting their papers.
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For a freelance academic , the scholarly conference can seem like a confusing proposition. For example, if you lead workshops on interviewing skills as a freelancer, the conference for your learned society might be interested in having you lead a workshop for graduate students on interviewing skills as well.

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Presenting scholarship can help you establish an identity as an expert in a particular field — as someone who might be hired by those outside of the field as, say, a consultant. So why are you back on the academic-conference circuit? To shoot them a dirty look or to say something or police their behavior is even more distracting. Academics need to remember that to be interesting, you need to be interested. But if you treat them as the latter rather than the former, you might actually enjoy yourself. Can you talk about potentially distracting behaviors like arriving to a session late and walking to the front of the room to find a seat? All three major branches of musicology would be there: theorists, musicologists, and ethnomusicologists. But there are other ways to share knowledge at a scholarly conference that do not involve presenting traditional scholarship per se.

news love academic conferences chronicle higher