news kathy kiely bloomberg editor quits over covera

Top Bloomberg Editor Kathy Kiely quits over Policy on covering Michael Bloomberg News is in a conundrum because if it covers Bloomberg.
Michael Bloomberg's news outlet couldn't cover him fairly. So I quit. Kathy Kiely practices and teaches journalism in Washington, D.C. er, humbug over being told we had to handle the boss differently from every politician, newspaper's revenues, former Washington Post managing editor Robert Kaiser.
“The bottom line is,” she told Calderone, “you can't cover the circus unless you For Kiely, the rules regarding how Bloomberg the news org can cover terrific @ kathykiely — quits over conflict w/covering Bloomberg prez bid....

News kathy kiely bloomberg editor quits over covera - journey

This entry was posted in News. Kathy Kiely, the Washington news director at Bloomberg Politics, said she resigned from her post after growing uncomfortable with the way her outlet responded to news that Bloomberg is considering an independent White House bid. Asking people to upvote you or your post are not allowed. Kathy Kiely, the Washington, D. Bloomberg Politics aggregated The Times report that day with a brief post.
news kathy kiely bloomberg editor quits over covera

News kathy kiely bloomberg editor quits over covera - tour fast

Bloomberg, who got rich selling data to the financial world, has built one of the few media organizations that continues to pay a better-than-living wage. Send emails to sara and follow her SaraJerde. Following multiple media reports that Bloomberg was considering an independent run for president this year, Bloomberg News reporters based in Europe received an email from the company's standards team telling them to refrain from speculation about Bloomberg's possible presidential run, and to run future stories about the billionaire by them.