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Money Saving Tips. Cook your own food – Food is very, very expensive in Norway so the best thing you can do is it simply make.
"Budget Norway travel" may read somewhat as an oxymoron. Here are some money - saving and value tips for planning a trip on your own (with.
Im planning a budget trip to Norway on September with my boyfriend. We already have booked hotels in Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger. (meanwhile we look for a...

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Would you recommend Norway in December or will it just be dark all the time if I go too far north? Expect to pay more on the weekends. As far as blogging goes, you can read this post: Round the world travel. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Sometimes you can find quite cheap domestic flights. I have lived here for ages and always get the same excuse! Cross the Fjord to Bygdoy and immerse yourself in the history.

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