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Millennial Mom, Freelancer & Entrepreneur If you want to start a mom blog, don 't worry, it's easy, quick and you don't need to know any Once we get into starting a mom blog, I'll show you how to get your domain name!).
Created by Millennial Moms for Millennial Moms! She stays busy with a popular frugal living and finance blog,, that has landed her on.
When reading a blog post on the topic, this statement spoke to me: “people's neural MillennialMom July 20, 2016 No Comments on Start with the Why..

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This page contains affiliate links which means I may earn a commission if you use. Kim K Breaks Internet. I want to hear from you — when you set up your blog tell me about it and make sure to give me your link! Why are SO MANY millennial mommies starting blogs today? By day I stay at home with my kids and serve on the board of a local non-profit that feeds hungry children over the weekend. They are already active online — it is only natural that they start blogging to make money from what they already do daily. Thanks for looking at my blog Elna! My twins turned four years old in January. You did it, milton south coast

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I believe in humanity, but I am gravely worried about the human psyche and our collective ability to look out for one another, in a kind, respectful manner. It seems that the mom blog niche is so saturated. Am I still a Mompreneur if my kids are grown barely? So I created an ebook called Blog by Number to help busy moms start a blog. My blog is in its infancy and I want to get it right. You did it, mama! Here are some posts in my Blogging Basics series that might help you:. I already have a blog through Word Press, so I was wondering if I could transfer all my info from Word Press to the new domain or I would have to start all over again?

millennial moms starting blogs