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While WordPress makes it easy to add a drop down menu (yay sub items!), it's a And this code to add another link with drop down categories.
Recently, one of our users asked us about How to create Labels Drop Down Menu in Blogger. If your blog has a lot of labels, then showing a.
If you wish to add the same menu to Blogger Template Designer templates then read this post To add a drop down menu to your blogger blogs do this: And how do I make a post appear under those categories?....

Make blogger categories drop down menu tour Seoul

Can you help me? We have Zero Tolerance to Spam.. I had the same problem before I added that. How To Make Money Blogging. Any suggestions on how to avert this problem. I just updated the post…try and let me know Reply Reply.

You would just remove any line with a hex color, or change them all to white and black. How to Rename Labels. Beside that I am so happy the drop down menu is on place. Something to be fixed? Thank you so much for this post — I found it emission debat faut generaliser pont quatre jours ascension helpful! Click the account drop-down menu and select "Layout. Hope you can help me. The best spot I find to drag it to is just above your "Blog Posts" gadget, right in the center, then move it up until it goes full page width. Worked wonderfully, thank you! Thank you for this tutorial. I HAVE A PROBLEM!! Thank you so much for this tutorial, it was really helpful!

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  • Make blogger categories drop down menu