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TPM Livewire. Kristol's Kristol is attempting to recruit conservative lawyer and war vet David French to mount an independent bid, according to a report by Bloomberg Politics' Mark Halperin and John Heilemann. Tuesday.
David French, “I'm Not Running for President,” National Review, .. http:// livewire /bill- kristol -donald-trump-no-.
David French is not running for president but thinks the door is still .. livewire /bill- kristol -donald-trump-no-..

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Not sure that those two states are all that matter, but you have to construct a pretty farfetched electoral map to have one candidate winning those two states and losing the overall EV. Republicans did not allow cross over voting. For most candidates, the favorable options are the first five, where he or she gets to be President for some amount of time.

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I see David Brooks on the NewsHour but I can't really count on him to deliver the conservative point of view. Ratio of jobs needed to openings. Updated for a report that Hillary Clinton has clinched the Democratic nomination. Here is a really interesting article from Talking Points Memo a partisan pub, to be sure. But it's hard to talk about on this forum without getting into PPB territory. Whether Trump or Clinton wins the presidency, an unbroken pattern of progressively worse presidents will continue. He greatly increased the defense budget. I'm off topic and deep in PPB material, so I'll stop.

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You know Trump was angling hard to get this! On the other hand, if they can get enough delegates to prevent a majority on preliminary votes, they could do things like refuse to approve the rules so that the convention cannot go forward, vote against Trump on delegate contests, and who knows what else? Hard to fathom what comes next. In states where there was an actual vote along with the caucus, Clinton either won or finished very close to Sanders. His reported choice: a National Review blogger. A request for a recount is expected later this week.

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