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At that bleak point, the Clearity Foundation, which brings said Laura Shawver, a biotech executive who founded Clearity in 2008 after her.
View Laura Shawver's professional profile on LinkedIn. Cleave Biosciences,; The Clearity Foundation September 2011 – Present (5 years 8 months).
At dawn on a perfect summer morning in Laura Shawver was lying on her Two weeks later, Shawver found herself in her doctor's office staring at an regimen for a first tumor), Shawver started the Clearity Foundation in 2007 to..

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Dr Shawver Patients should insist on understanding why a drug is the right one for you. Shawver founded The Clearity Foundation to help women with ovarian cancer make more informed treatment decisions.

PMO Does the founding of Clearity suggest that the cancer healthcare system alone is insufficient for meeting the special needs of ovarian cancer patients? Usually remissions get shorter in ovarian cancer. Clearity was founded to change this paradigm and show that women with recurrent ovarian cancer can be cured. The more research that is carried out to elucidate the drivers of subsets of ovarian cancers, the more possible it will be to cure this disease. Even chemotherapy works by interacting with specific targets in the cell. Most of what Clearity provides to physicians is a way to prioritize among the agents that are in the NCCN Guidelines for the treatment of recurrent ovarian cancer. Clearity guides ovarian cancer patients. As a blues show, physicians are more likely to consider using a molecular profile to inform their treatment decisions.

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If a woman needs help with payment for the tests or help with her co-pays, she also fills in a simple grant application form. Share this Article :. PMO It was such a pleasure to speak with you. Prior to her employment at SUGEN Inc. Science Policy and Government Affairs. Clearity is focused on doing better with the drugs we already have by providing tests that can prioritize these treatments. I become impatient when I see drugs being developed for a population when it is well known that only a fraction will benefit. These laboratories and the composition of our testing panel evolve as new evidence becomes available.

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Improving Treatment Options For Ovarian Cancer Patients. Dr Shawver Molecular profiling in its simplest form has been used for many years to help choose the appropriate treatment for certain cancers and is now routine. For example, for patient consent to participate in our database, they provide authorization and release forms, and we fill in laboratory test requisitions. So, our tests measure the levels of those targets with the aim of ruling out drugs that might not work and ruling in the drugs that have a better chance. Wendy Johnson currently serves as Interim COO and board member at AmpliPhi Biosciences, a US public biotechnology company and on the Board of Directors of MorphoSys AG, a public biotechnology company located in Munich, Germany. Dr Shawver Many of your drugs under development for other kinds of cancer will likely work in subsets of ovarian cancer. Educational Workshops and Courses.