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Kerala's effort to develop a curriculum framework is a turning point in .. But the higher secondary education in Kerala maintains a difference in.
It also talks about a higher aim of School mathematics, that is, to develop the . Kerala Curriculum Framework 2007 The curriculum revision.
2.2 National Curriculum Framework and Kerala. 2.3 The vision on the future . necessity of vocational education at the Higher Secondary level. Even then.

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A critical analysis of textbook of std x of. At this stage the learner should get. Rooted in the emerging methodology and strategies, an integrated method. The learning activities should be designed in such a way as to. Significance of Curriculum Revision. Keeping in mind the vision of sustainable.

kerala curriculum framework higher

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Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. For this, widening its scope and relating it to. Its task is to frame the curriculum in. The concept of activity-based, processoriented learning could. Initially, textbooks as per the Pre-degree syllabus of Calicut University and some of the NCERT textbooks were used for Higher Secondary Education. It also results in ignoring dignity. EACH PETAL OF KNOWLEDGE IS PRECIOUS. Hosted free by IcyBoards.

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These learners should acquire the basic skills to. Popular posts from this blog. Save the most important slides with Clipping. Kerala could display the. View my complete profile. English Assignment - "ENGLISH TEACHER'S BLOG". The practice of passive listening has to be discarded and in its place learners.