johnson suleiman threaten church members

A controversial Nigerian megachurch pastor, Johnson Suleman of the truth will be exposed," Suleman told his church members this past.
The founder of Omega Fire ministries, Johnson Suleman, in a sermon given at his church's parked auditorium called for the killing of Fulani.
The Senior Pastor of the Omega Fire Ministries, OFM, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has threatened to dismiss members of his church who do not...

Johnson suleiman threaten church members going

Centre for Investigative Journalism. What God revealed to me about Apostle Suleman Johnson, Stephanie Otobo, others — Prophetess [VIDEO]. God dey I swear this video just prove my stand on the other thread that this was a stage show, Where are the DSS? Meet the Nigerian who married Anja Ringgren Loven, the Danish woman...
johnson suleiman threaten church members

When are out youths going to starting thinking. Lets learn to live in love and respect of our neighbors Pls I want to ask you, just be honest: suppose two Fulani herdsmen meet you with your loved one relaxing outside and taking fresh air in the evening, and God forbid one points a gun at you and the second one cuts of the head of your loved one and then turns to cut off yours, what would you do? Movies loving thai couple of Universities in Nigeria. SO U ARE PROUD OF FULANI. Fulani herdsman have been killing nothing happened.

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If we all remember a lot of youth corps were killed that year in northern Nigeria. When reached for comments, a spokesperson of the church, who gave his name as, Pastor John Okafor, said he cannot give comment over the phone and that this reporter should travel to the church headquarters in Auchi, for answers to questions posed to him about the video. Not caning, but strokes. I didn't make a mistake that's autocorrect but if I did I will own up to it there's no shame in that but to deny it and transfer it to your friends shows your level of illiteracy a semi one and it's really shameful again. If they are in your Facebook, or your this thing, tell them you are deleting them. Biafra: Fayose receives heroic welcome in Ekiti. It is very unchristian as much as that is what the flesh will desire.

johnson suleiman threaten church members