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As a secured bondholder you are less at risk of losing your investment than unsecured bondholders are. This is the main advantage of a secured bond -- safety.
For Series 7 purposes, you will need to understand secured and unsecured bonds. Assume that bonds backed by collateral are considered safer for the investor.
Such types of bonds are not secured by a specific asset, but are backed only by the creditworthiness and reputation of the issuer. The investor..

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Income bonds: These bonds are the riskiest of all. Assume that bonds backed by co l lateral are considered safer for the investor. When you purchase a bond, you are giving a company your money to borrow for a certain period of time. If an unsecured bond is issued at a discount, the difference between the purchase price and the face value represents the interest on the bond. Guaranteed bonds: Guaranteed bonds are backed by a firm other than the original issuer, usually a parent company.

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  • In addition to the ratings assigned to a bond, investors should also consider the features offered. Therefore, investors are willing to accept a lower rate of interest on secured bonds.

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This type of bond is oftentimes referred to as a revenue bond. Secured Bonds Secured bonds are those that are collateralized by an asset — for instance, property, equipment as is commonly the case for bonds issued by airlines, railroads and transportation companies , or by another income stream. While high-quality zero coupon bonds are useless to investors seeking a periodic stream of income. In terms of total face value of bonds outstanding, the corporate bond market is bigger than each of the markets for municipal bonds, U. Buying and Selling Bonds. An unsecured bond from a municipality is usually a safe investment.