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A full template and example to help you write a citation for a Software in the Journal of Simulation style.
Blog – A website with regular (and sometimes opinionated) posts that allows cite automatically with EasyBib! 1. Choose Source Type. Website. Book. Journal. Missing: simulation.
Note: According to the Chicago Manual of Style, blog posts are typically not included in bibliographies, but can be cited in the running text and/or notes. However  Missing: simulation...

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The authors provide a list of the software they used Globus Toolkit, OGSA-DAI, Java SDK, Apache Tomcat, Apache ANT, MySQL and Oracle and for all of these except the notable exception of OGSA-DAI they had provided version numbers. Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing. Nursing Education and Career Development PDF. The poster recommends referring to software in footnotes not in the references. The APA Style Blog has several features to help you navigate the site, whether you are just browsing or looking for an answer to a specific question. Work faster without ads. Log in or create an account. If there is no recommended citation from the software publishers, then I'd suggest that your citations contain the following information, inspired by both the examples presented earlier and the examples in DataCite's guide on "why cite data?
guides journal simulation cite blog

Why do I recommend citation of the software? This required some difficult detective work. Starting and Running a Small Business PDF. Native American History and Heritage PDF. Sites default files mayors rail vision final help with other source types, like books, PDFs, or websites, check out our other guides. Describing the contribution of software to research closely relates to a number of other issues around the role of software in research. Log in or create an account. As we saw in the OGSA-DAI example, even if a paper does exist, there may be inconsistency between the version of the software, as described in the paper, the version that was actually used, and the version currently available, guides journal simulation cite blog. As another example, HSL consists of a large number of discrete sub-routines so using the recommended citation in itself does not provide enough information to a reader. However, even this level of detail may not be adequate. UNC University Libraries Citation Tutorial. If the software has its own website, use the website's URL for the citation.

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Software checked-out from a public repository:. If a reviewer disagrees with a formal software citation, you can still make a general reference to the software in the paper. This includes publishing research software in a persistent and citable way, ensuring the availability of research software and data, online services and other artefacts for the long-term, promoting the recognition of software as a valuable research output in its own right, and ensuring that the developers of research software have their contributions recognised and rewarded.