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AMA Request: American Bronies who identify as conservative ( continue this thread .. the other end of the spectrum doing the exact same thing he hates. (IM), or messages posted to a Web site or a discussion group. (i.e. absolutely nothing that gets exposure on Fox News or /r/ politics).
Political Compass Rating Thread: Paugers Level 41. Report. Saw this on a fun idea. Take this, put it in paint and rate each square on the compass. Here's mine . Report. No. Felinism divides the society into three groups. Missing: american ‎ bronies.
Political Compass: Okay, you obviously hate bronies or that was sarcastic. .. I believe one person described it as "The Smut Exchange Thread " or Yeah I live in America, and I guess it was a bit over the top with the...

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Search this forum only. Unfortunately for us, this has held over in things like the Political Compass. It's too depressing to not hope for an afterlife i guess or that evil people get punished in hell. I got the same result like everybody here, left wing-ish libertarian-ish. We should be blaming our own culture, instead of treating this like some isolated incident that couldn't possibly have been stopped by developing a more tolerant society. I couldn't get reliable figures for exactly how many murderers get out of jail, or how many die there, or how many of those released kill again. At some ages it is the norm anyway- with variations, of course.

group american bronies thread political compass

And is that not collectivist? You must log in or sign up to reply. And that will end up in total bloodshed. I'm, of an atheist. Before posting, please proofread to ensure your post uses proper grammar and is free of spelling mistakes or typos. It comes off as VERY obsessive. Religion is a device created by early man to explain a culture shop license steven universe world. In any case you can't expect much from such a simplification, but this one seems way off, trust me, I am not Ghandi, group american bronies thread political compass, I am of the belief that failure to question this surfing with violence against evil is itself an act of evil, something Ghandi wouldn't support. Has it happened to others? Really drives home the whole "in America, there's the right, and then the extreme right" point. Would you be able to look your friend's family in the eye and tell them it was right for this dangerous criminal maps poets hughes life be released?

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In addition to what Bigmethod has already said, saying that there are more atheists than Christians isn't even close to true. Some XenForo functionality crafted by ThemeHouse. Most I see on reddit are very left wing however. Why can't he just stand in front of me and just, you know, chat a little bit?

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None of those words mean anything. The world has shifted. We're far away from even near perfection, c onsidering all the war and such that religion has caused. It comes off as VERY obsessive. These are subreddits that share similar interests to ours. That's called being a sociopath. Futhermore if they were literate as they always claim to be, they'd have their facts straight. Some of the questions seem a bit irrelevant or poorly worded.