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Graduate Programs. The mission of the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences is to lead scientific advances through state-of-the-art experimentation.
​There are four graduate programs within the Department of Psychology and an interdisciplinary Neuroscience program. The Clinical Psychology program.
Graduate programs differ in the students admitted, faculty composition and available financial resources. They may focus on training clinicians or preparing....

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Every step we take in our life brings with it countless psychological aspects — what are we thinking, why are we thinking that, and what led us to think that are just a few of the questions psychologists seek answers to. Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology - General Psychology. Doctor of Psychology - Health and Wellness Psychology Specialization. Also, accreditation applies only to programs. Training includes graduate courses on human behavior, psychotherapy, and community resources as well as two years of graduate training, followed by two to three years of supervised clinical work. Through seminars in creativity and performance, you will make business more effective.

graduate majors psych

Associate Director of Academic Operations: Ms. Doctor of Psychology - Health and Wellness Psychology Specialization. Web maintenance: jlelswick While the APA only accredits doctoral programs, students may attain pre-doctoral qualifications without incurring massive debt. Psychology, Behavior Analysis Specialization. Navigate the complex structures of non-profits with your Doctor of Psychology PsyDNon-Profit Management Specialization from University of the Rockies. Narrow Down Your Subject Selection for Your Psychology Graduate Programs. Master of Science in Applied Psychology - Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Some of the listings you might encounter may include:. Master of Arts in Psychology - Organizational Leadership.

Texas A&M Graduate Programs: School Psychology (Ph.D.)

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Does disturbed sleep serve as one pathway from experiences of discrimination to poorer well-being? Our vision for graduate training is:.

graduate majors psych

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