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If you are just entering the realm of grants and government funding, it can feel overwhelming trying to find the right program for you or your organization. is the official government site for information on federal grants and funding. Managed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the site.
“Because you pay your income taxes on time, you have been awarded a free government grant! To get your grant, simply give us your checking account....

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Others are more bold: they call you out of the blue. Log in or create a user account to rate this page. Within these two categories are a variety of funding sources and program types.

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  • Agencies at the cabinet level provide funds through their sub-agencies.
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Try using the Community Foundation Locator to find a grant-making foundation in your region. Grants In New York - While the federal government gives out the greatest amount of money in grants and federal aid, some of it goes to the states. There are many types of organizations generally eligible to apply for funding opportunities on Each type of organization listed in the categories below is a specific search criterion in Search Grants.

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Government grant This site functions as an entryway to the U. This article was previously available as Free Government Grants: Don't Take Them For Grant-ed. If you're not sure whether you're dealing with the government, look up the official number of the agency. What is a 'Government Government grant. Fraudsters in the past have used the words and letters of HHS programs to give the false impression that their costly seminars or pay-per-use grant application tools are approved, endorsed, or authorized by HHS, government grant.
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Marques alfa romeo debut We'll get you the answer or tell you where to find it. Learn about government grants and loans for states and organizations. Do you need help? Confirm the deadlines before submitting your FAFSA. Careful record keeping is a must, since an audit is always a possibility.