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PT Assistant Salary information, list of Highest Paying Cities, States and Industries for PTAs.
The data do not include physical therapist assistants (PTAs). Overall, the site pegs the median national income for PTs at.
Salary information and advice for physical therapist assistant at US News Best Jobs....

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SNF, Acute inpatient Hospital , outpatient clinic, Manor, Rehab center, HomeHealth, Travel PTA? However, there has to be down months in home health right? Plus, these jobs typically come with added benefits like paid housing, transportation, and food.

But I really had many questions about the profession and the study of PTA. PS: these are Nursing home figures. In fact, PTAs earn more than most other health care careers. Also, what part of the country pays like this? Cost of Living Calculator. Subscribe to our blog. Is the PTA or OTA field more saturated? Vanessa in Brooklyn, New York said: If you want myths profile pictures be a PT then i advise that u go for PT. I am aware most programs start in the Fall, however the one I'm considering starts in May. This has worked for me. Pitiful, in my opinion. What states don't require you to go to pta school? These tips are just a sampling of things to consider as you think about compensation in the physical therapy industry. Employment estimate and mean wage estimates for this occupation:. If theres any PTs or PTAs from Ga that can give me some clue of what the average starting salary for a PTA is I would really appreciate it. What State Hospital in CA.

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NATIONAL INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC AND BY OWNERSHIP. Lovely Moon in San Francisco, California.

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NH in New York, New York. Certainly, under the Affordable Care Act, private practice salaries will be most probably be negatively impacted. PTAs are earning a wide range of salaries in different states. Purchase a Salary Report. But what can I do that I make the same amount of money that I won't... Request a free tour. I recovered within about three weeks, and had a full pt.

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