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I have found out however, that many people that go to Law School major in Philosophy and Political Science, but that's about it So, are there.
This forum is NOT for factual, informational or scientific questions about philosophy (e.g. Have philosophical discussions about politics, law, and government.
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Philosophy of the Arts and Philosophy in the Arts. Philosophy, Politics and Science. Use this philosophy forum to discuss and debate general philosophy topics that don't fit into one of the other categories. Also, take some advanced computer science courses that focus on database systems, that's important. The Nature of Memory: Perspectives from Art, History and Neuroscience. If your question is not already answered on the appropriate PhiloPedia page, then see How to Request Content on PhiloPedia to see how to ask your informational question using the wiki.. We choose one philosophical book per month to read. Thanks for all of the replies guys.

forum philosophy politics science

Jerusalem Political Philosophy Forum. Have philosophical discussions about politics, law, and government. Last post by NoShips. You can now also discuss issues relating to science in this forum. I think Philosophy combined with the two mentioned majors also works. What is white priviledge if what is white can't be defined? Sapphire- the only member : okay there are too many birthdays today so just. If you like Philosophy, forum philosophy politics science, major in it. For all levels of interest in science. Evolutionary Benefits of False Beliefs? Sapphire- the only member : also that's a bit rude Terry. Forums are aimed at promoting knowledge, education, and discussion. It's like majoring in the same subject twice. Get updates about our events. Thanks for all of the replies guys. Also, analysis macro view forex Philosophy, you can go on to study pretty much. Join Now for Free. Factual or scientific questions about philosophy go here e. Last post by bangstrom. This section contains forum philosophy politics science of the philosophy forum boards.

1. Introduction: What is Political Philosophy?