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The part of the government composed of technical experts and others who remain from administration to administration.
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Vote of No Confidence. Total market value of all goods and services produced within a country for a year. A government that is led by a committee of military leaders. Taking responsibilities for a government's action. This is the process of connecting the world on economic and social levels. Society Group of people who share a distractive cultural and economic organization, as well as set of values and norms. Ready To Get Started?

flashcards comparative government

Theocracy A system of government where the leader claims to rule on behalf of God. Click to Rate "Liked It". China has few examples of democracy as people do not vote for their president- the Politburo Standing Committee does. The seats are divided according to the number of votes each party garners. Gini coefficient measures ratio of rich people to poor people. China, Mexico, Iran, the UK, and Nigeria are all examples of states. Supporting users have an ad free experience! History canadian national railway company type of legitimacy where the right to rule comes from a legal document. A government that is led by a committee of military leaders. In a democracy, the principle that legal rules rather than arbitrary and personal decisions determine what happens. Another word for single member district. Browse or Search millions of existing flashcards.

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China, Mexico, Iran, the UK, and Nigeria all have governments controlling their territory. Elected members of the British or other parliament. Please upgrade to Cram Premium to create hundreds of folders! Civil service Government workers hired on the basis of competitive exams. Supporting users have an ad free experience! Unitary State A state where the political power is concentrated in the national capital! Gini index A statistical formula that measures the amount of economic inequality within a country.

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Liberal Democracy A democracy with political competition, economic freedom, civil rights and liberties. Head of government leader who deals with everyday tasks of running the state.