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In the first Democratic debate between Sen. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton this election, both candidates criticized each other's policy.
Glenn Kessler, fact - checker at The Washington Post, discusses the Democratic debate, which covered topics as diverse as healthcare, gun.
FactChecking the MSNBC Democratic Debate. Clinton, Sanders exchange misleading claims in a head-to-head debate leading into the New...

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Please update your browser permissions to allow them. Trump on the job of president: 'I thought... Hacking is very hard to determine who did what, okay. They are worried about the future of their kids. We live in a country that respects free speech.

factchecking msnbc democratic debate

And then it cites Brookings data on a subset of families showing that hours worked went up over a time period in which wages also went up. Among all candidates in both parties, Clinton ranks No. Find documents reports report what's happening in the world as it unfolds. He apparently didn't mean it. We fact checked beers ciders classic wine type beer brand pure blonde sort special price direction show both candidates said on Friday, and will continue doing so. Trump real estate shown as potential conflict Rachel Maddow highlights the investigative journalism done by USA Today in tracking down every property owned by Donald Trump's companies, the sales of which pose a potential conflict because the profits would go to Trump as president of the United. I should have said they will continue to build their case," Fox anchor Bret Baier explained Friday. Keep up to date with PolitiFact, factchecking msnbc democratic debate. More about badges Request a badge Washingtologists consistently post thought-provoking, timely comments on events, communities, and trends in the Washington area. But in this debate, he seems to have lapsed into an old talking point. Put a free PolitiFact widget on your blog or Web page. McCain, for example, sponsored factchecking msnbc democratic debate cap-and-trade bill with Sen. Former White House Attorney for the George W. I don't have to take the money from all the fat cats that are going to tell you what to .

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I waited until it had actually been negotiated because I did want to give the benefit of the doubt to the administration. Kasich: I'd be thrown out of Ohio if I... Next Steps for Vets.

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Intentionally failed file fbar form But we did hear a number of statements by both candidates that needed series details daily show with trevor noah or were misleading. But much of Trump's rhetoric about the Clinton emails is riddled with errors, while the Democratic nominee herself obscured how the news of the additional email review was released, factchecking msnbc democratic debate. The Sanders campaign edited the ad after fact-checkers pointed it. Sanders reminded Clinton that he was on the Health Education Labor Committee in the Senate when the committee "wrote the Affordable Care Act. NBC News Presidential historian Michael Beschloss on the biggest surprise of the new administration. I am not going to talk about big ideas like single-payer and then not level with people about how much it will cost. It rejected any thought of sending American ground troops into Syria to fight ISIS.