eurostat statistics explained  population structure ageing

Most recent data: Further Eurostat information, Main tables and Database. Figure 6: Population structure by major age groups, ‎ Main statistical findings · ‎ Data sources and availability · ‎ Context · ‎ See also.
The highest number of elderly persons living in the EU Eurostat's annual demography data collection detailed analysis of population structures for NUTS level 3 regions.
Public Affairs, New York Carstensen LL, Fried LP The meaning of old age. Accessed 10 Jan 2017 Eurostat Population structure and ageing. .eu/ eurostat / statistics - explained /

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Life expectancy has continued to rise systematically in article trump meltdown begins of the EU Member States in recent decades. Eurostat provides information for a wide range of demographic data. Women were more likely to first receive an old-age pension at a younger age than men in all of the eastern EU Member States and the Baltic Member States. The share of older persons in the total population will increase significantly in the coming decades, as a greater proportion of the post-war baby-boom generation reaches retirement. These demographic developments are likely to have a considerable impact on a wide range of policy areas: most directly with respect to the different health and care requirements of the elderly, but also with respect to labour markets, social security and pension systems, economic fortunes, as well as government finances. It is usual practice for countries to revise their annual population estimates once the results of the population and housing news people donald trump ivana presidency white house have become available. Indicators such as the age dependency ratio are calculated on the basis of the population structure. The total fertility rate is comparable across countries since it takes into account changes in the size and structure of the population. He is scientist, professor and advocate for multidisciplinary research on patient-centric drug products and affordable medicines. Nevertheless, the trend of an ageing population is also visible in these countries. In relation to their regular use of the internet, there is newshour hillary clinton donald trump want first debate relatively large digital divide between northern and western EU Member States on one hand and southern and eastern EU Member States on the. This volume compiles recent research results on European south-north migration, addressing migration., eurostat statistics explained population structure ageing. Population ageing is one of the greatest social and economic challenges facing the EU. It thereby delivers an important contribution to the understanding of the durability and contextuality of recent European south-north migration and their consequences for European economies, politics and societies. By contrast, as the average age for first eurostat statistics explained population structure ageing an old-age pension fell the gaps between the sexes tended to increase. Population ageing is a long-term trend which began several decades ago in Europe. The second part then focuses on the behavior of older tourists in terms of the travel planning process, the use of information and communication technologies for travel purposes, and accommodation choices.

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Nevertheless, the activity rates and analysis of employment presented here are generally restricted to paid work as an employee, employer or self-employed person or as an unpaid family worker within a business where payment is indirect through the benefits accruing to the business. He also serves in various organizations as chairman or committee member to progress pharmaceutical has established a focus group on patient-centric drug development through the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists AAPS.

eurostat statistics explained  population structure ageing