A review of PolitiFact's fact-checking history reveals a glaring bias toward lefty that PolitiFact is biased — that it favors liberals over conservatives. . of the time doesn't mean you necessarily voted against the other party.”. Missing: diary ‎ barry ‎ popik ‎ arizona ‎ climategate.
VA Pushes Back Against PolitiFact, Shows Other States the Way Wow, and .. By: barrypopik (Diary) | May 13th at AM | 0 PolitiFact cnreports.infote. com/ barrypopik /cnreports.info- bias -yet-again- arizona -law- climategate /.
PolitiFact's liberal bias, yet again (Arizona law; Climategate) DIARY / barrypopik // Posted at 4:43 am on May 13, 2010 by barrypopik. Share on Facebook..

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US Message Board - Political Discussion Forum. Morning Bell: Media "Fact Checkers" Promote Obama's Gutting of Welfare Reform.

How did you arrive at that? The New York Times. Simply doing what con tools. They write about politics — about the nearly infinite possible consequences of legislation and regulation. Since then, cnreports.info expanded to other papers, such as The Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionThe Providence JournalMilwaukee Journal SentinelThe Plain DealerRichmond Times-Dispatchthe Knoxville News Sentinel and The Oregonian. Will you be trying race. And here we have, Morning Bell, in THE FOUNDRY, part of the Heritage network. We call them Democrats. So, trying to make them left wing orgs is rediculous, and dishonest. Greenwald blasted PolitiFact for treating the opinions of two War on Terror hawks, Benjamin York areas and Robert Chesney, as if they decided the issue. Remember the three anecdotes with which we began here? Your cart is currently. Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. So, please do not try the integrity word with me. On the Republican side, Sen. Connect With Us On. Log in or Sign up.

Diary barrypopik politifacts liberal bias again arizona climategate -- expedition cheap

As a partnership of Congressional Quarterly and the Tampa Bay Times then the St. What should I do???? Thankfully, though, the Republican Party of Virginia has had enough and late yesterday hit back at PolitiFact Virginia with both barrels:.

Diary barrypopik politifacts liberal bias again arizona climategate tri Seoul

Is there such thing as a liberal, leftist gun nut? Let us briefly review the ratings this "fact-checking" project gave the candidates that week. Just my two cents for the day. Did you say 'jobs'?. And for the record, there's no rating for Warren claiming to be part Cherokee Indian. A Clinton critic can easily shred these results.