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Or can it be that under certain circumstances, other forms of government are better? . on which extent it includes the people in political debates and decisions.
Democracy introduces self- government at the grass root level: Democracy can be called the best form of government for any country as no..

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So if you dont like it shut your mouth. However on a large scale you're right, a representative system with an individual executive is necessary.
debates democracy best form government

Democracy is obviously not the best form of government. In some modern states, however, we have - what I would translate as society corporatism, debates democracy best form government, although that sure enough is wrong - in which, not necessarily corporations, but non-state organizations or interest groups are part of the decision-making. Also the resource base of the country can be accessed faster no pesky environmentalists preventing drilling and mining! When the representatives we elect turn out to be corrupt or insensitive towards public sentiments, we can always vote for better alternatives in the next general elections. Just because Russia is mentioned as one of the countries where cooperative agreements have been reached and just because we have a black government, there is lots of propaganda on the distorted costs and environmental effects of nuclear. One can easily see this in Greece's current state. It is simply not possible in larger communities. You choose for democracy, news politics donald trump pokes megyn kelly return article choose for debts. This means that it is often a small minority detail police bribery the population who determines which party gets in to government. Anti-positivistic, but positive: not skeptical, nor agnostic, nor pessimistic, nor passively optimistic, as are, in general, the doctrines all negative that put the center of life outside man, who with his free will can and must create his own world. There is also no constitution which guarantees the people certain human rights and they cannot even use it as a living document. Please email inquiries if you believe this is an error. Money makes the world go round. Read more from our Users. I find that all direct democracies have this flaw of inefficiency, because of the simplicity and problems of the common man. However, in democracy, people have the right to protest and express their views against the government decisions publicly, as far as the law and order is maintained. Anarchistic ideas are nor the foundation of ideas of freedom. Also, there have been men who have led with total control that have done so while keeping their subjects best interests at heart, such as Alexander the Great, of Macedon. He or she would be strong enough in mental might to rectify any errors that may be made in the best possible manner. US politics are dominated by the rich and all they do is increase their own power and riches to make decisions.

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In that case you have no right to complain, because it was a fair and free election. Also in the other forms of government whether it be anarchy or monarchy, people are coerced with laws and rules they may not want to follow but just have to bare with it which created anger and disharmony for instance in the case of Syria rebellion. This means that it functions not only for the people but also for their benefits as the people are the rulers and they can understand each others necessities. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The idea of property rights are derived political philosophers of the last half of the millennium, amongst others John Locke and David Hume. Democracy is the only form of government where the people can voice their opinion. In short: Locke argued, in his contract theory, that property is a part of natural law. Please provide a username for your profile page:.

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Debates democracy best form government This can then be brought to a halt. Xenophobia is a taboo in our coun. I think that a person who was smart to begin with, and who always sought more intelligence, would be more trustworthy to lead. This can again be proved by my previous argument. What is so good about Democracy? In response to No Ohno: Ad Homine.
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