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List of undergraduate courses by number with complete descriptions.
The curriculum in psychology includes courses in the major content areas of psychology See the UK Core section of the Undergraduate Bulletin at.
Academic Requirements for the B.A. in Psychology Psychology Courses Related to University Studies Content Areas: PSY 105 counts as “Understanding...

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Introduction to the emerging field of moral cognition. Class discussions will follow faculty presentations. Petitioning Courses for Psychology Majors and Minors. Bachelor of Arts BA. This course provides training in applying the principles of human behavior, including choice behavior, self-control, and reasoning. This course provides an overview of the psychology of happiness. Courses in the department are organized so that they are best taken in several parallel sequences.

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Please remember that Oregon is on Pacific Time. Emphasis is placed on symptomatology, assessment, etiological factors, epidemiology, and treatment. These programs are distinguished by the proportion of courses taken in the major field. This course provides experience conducting educational research and outreach for children in greater San Diego county. This course provides an understanding of how the frontal lobes allow us to engage in complex mental processes. Topics include classical conditioning, operant conditioning, animal learning and motivation and behavior modification. This course provides a survey of natural behaviors, including birdsong, prey capture, localization, electro-reception and echo-location, and the neural system that control them, emphasizing broad fundamental relationships between brain and behavior across species.

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History and current topics will be covered. Recognize and respect human diversity. Bachelor of Arts, Honors Plan BA Honors. This course provides an overview of past and current theories of emotion. Bachelor of Arts, Research Concentration BA Research. At least one from each group must be a course designated as "Core" in the course listings.