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Ken Beatty has taught at colleges and universities in Canada, Asia and the Middle East. The Case of an Australian University Confronting the Knowledge Gap in Practice Lessons Learned from a TwoYear Pilot Study Blended Learning forAdaptation to Needs Blended Teaching and Learning in aMasters Level Research Methods Class What Does Blended Learning Require? Cases on Online and Blended Learning Technologies in Higher Education: Concepts and Practices provides real-life examples and experiences of those involved in developing and implementing the merge of traditional education curriculum and online instruction. This monograph will be of interest to practitioners in computer science, computer engineering, and industrial engineering. Currently, there is an increasing number of edu- tional institutes that respond to this challenge through the creation and adoption of distance education programs in which the teachers and students are separated by physical distance. He is also a co-author of the advanced level text book Metal Machining: Theory and Applications.