cologne cant lawless zone says mayor

In the wake of dozens of sex attacks against young women in the centre of Cologne on New Year's Eve, the city's new mayor has declared that.
Police say they are alarmed by the brutality and aggression of the clans, parts of Germany into no-go zones — lawless areas where the state has Cologne - Chorweiler, Dortmund-Nordstadt, Duisburg-Marxloh, . Mayor Thomas Kufen said: "Altenessen is not a no-go area, the people here are just angry.
Cologne's mayor, Henriette Reker, was the quickest to propose that, “women in the State president Hannelore Kraft said they can't be, as their home Asylum centers in Germany are being treated as lawless zones by the....

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Something goes awry in the Internet giant's Ukrainian-to-Russian translations in the latest cyberscuffle during nearly two years of conflict. Of course innocent refugees will be scapegoated. There was no way out. Gatestone regrets that, because of the increasingly great volume of traffic, we are not able to publish them all. Cologne 'can't become a lawless zone' says mayor This item updates item ' Refugees blamed for sexual assaults on NYE ' -.

cologne cant lawless zone says mayor

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In the smallest matter, violence is kindled. Reker, who stood as an independent in city elections last year, won the mayorship while she lay in a coma after being stabbed in the neck by a man who assaulted her over her refugee-friendly policies.

cologne cant lawless zone says mayor

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Cologne cant lawless zone says mayor How about some knockout gas when they attack. They think they are above the law and so use large numbers when confronting the police. Manolo Gee - Manchester, GB. This is especially true of older generations. It does not make any sense at all. But retired embryologist Eva Kellerova, like many Slovaks, is quick to point out that Slovakia — and Europe — are not like America. Both reserve the right not to publish replies to articles should they so choose.
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Education shiny updates website coming soon Manolo Gee - Manchester, GB. According to the Rheinische PostNRW problem areas include :. Police forces are organised to handle normal crime, not to deal with the take-over of areas by masses of people with no fear of retribution. Reker will be anxious to get the situation in her city under control in the coming weeks as hundreds of thousands are expected to travel to Cologne for carnival celebrations in early February. Individuals from Syria, Eritrea, Afghanistan and Iraq are set to move into the exhibit hall in the coming weeks, with the first thirty having arrived on Monday. Thank you Pascal for cologne cant lawless zone says mayor recording of these horrendous events.
Articles what higher education It's about time the sleeping giant that is Europe woke up and recognised the danger brought by these people. The refugees were heading towards the Greek island of Lesbos. Your friends will think you read. Braunschweig: The German city that deserves to be put on the map. Two police officers stopped a driver who ran a red light. Starlings embrace the southern Israel sky.