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The wealthiest 1% of Americans -- those in households earning or or Republican -leaning than all other Americans in their political orientation. but no postgraduate education fall into the top 1% category.
This list of richest American politicians includes current and former office-holders and political Donald Trump · Republican · President, $3.5 billion, Inheritance, business, real estate, reality TV, books .. Categories.
This list of members of the United States Congress by wealth includes only the fifty richest See also[edit]. List of richest American politicians Categories: Lists of members of the United States House of Representatives · Lists of current office-holders in.

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But what does one do with all that dough? Rumor: Major Donor Scandal About To Rock White House. Mike Kelly Republican Democratic Democratic Republican Republican Republican Republican Rep. No, they ARE all sociopaths except for maybe half a dozen. Subscribe to the OpenSecrets Newsletter. Going Agorist, or going Galt.

Republicans To Millions Kicked Off Obamacare: Just Go To ER!

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Ron Johnson Republican Republican Republican Democratic Republican Republican Republican Republican Democratic Democratic Republican Republican Rep. And he voted to REDUCE the taxes on SS benefits. A graduate of both Harvard and Yale, Blumenthal was a classmate of Bill and Hillary Clinton before beginning a career in law.

category richest politicians republicans

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