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Should Mormons take the Benedict Option? After all, when the kingdom of God comes first, those other kingdoms usually seem to follow, even if Christians in the world are not expected to live at the same level of focus and I would love to hear more from LDS readers of this blog about these things.
An atheist and a Christian review 'The Benedict Option,' a guide to hiding from This week, they read The Benedict Option, a new book from conservative blogger Rod Dreher about As a gay atheist, this book made me feel like I'm apparently a very powerful villain just because I can legally marry now....

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While Mormons do not practice polygamy it is still an official doctrine in Mormon scripture that polygamy is the preferred family structure. The Latter-Day Saints LDS, or Mormons may not be orthodox Christians, but they are exceptionally good at doing the kind of community building that the monk suggests is a vital part of being a Christian. We need a way of talking about smaller, simpler steps that individual Christians and churches can take to address these problems.