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The Daily Mail has done some shocking headlines in the past. But this one, on their front page this morning, may just be the dumbest one..

Article this dumbest daily mail front page time -- flying

A group of chimps in the Budongo Forest Reserve in Western Uganda use moss to absorb mineral-rich water from a natural clay pit. A pop of pink! Good one mate': Twitter erupts after Jimmy Kimmel calls Australia 'as dumb as America' over the Johnny Depp quarantine furore. His worried wife went to look for him a few hours later, and found his body. Charlotte McKinney teams white bustier with high-waisted skinny jeans and killer heels as she leaves restaurant. Unlike its surroundings, this system is much colder - earning it the name Great Cold Spot. RHOA star Kenya Moore no shows hearing as judge nixes restraining on ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan. China launches first domestically built aircraft carrier.

article this dumbest daily mail front page time

US cyber expert said China regularly uses espionage and a South Korean government spokesman said it had blocked hackers from targeting their missiles within the last month. Blast from the past! Google Hire tool could allow employers to snoop on your search history. Charlene of Monaco stuns in scarlet as she attends a glittering gala in Johannesburg but gets interrupted by a call from Prince Albert. The incredible spherical 'flying screens' that could soon show ads in the sky. Will star in world news planned hack google store report eight-part drama. The Facebook glitch that gets you banned: Users are locked out of their accounts for WEEKS due to a Marketplace bug. The latest optical illusion from Playbuzz challenges players to find four more hidden creatures. Carmelo Anthony 'making last ditch effort to save marriage' by 'begging' La La to come back. Kim Kardashian flaunts her cleavage and curvaceous figure in plunging crop top and skimpy bottoms in Mexico.

Expedition: Article this dumbest daily mail front page time

  • Teacher banned being drunk during lessons looking toys school laptop
  • BBC forced to apologise after Orlando Bloom says the word 'pikey' live on radio show. Jetted across the planet.
  • Brilliant series of images captures the hilariously risque behavior of kids who are completely unaware of their actions.
  • Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen match in head-to-toe black as they step out in New York.


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Cassini is in contact with Earth and sending back data after a successful dive through the gap between Saturn and its rings. The heartbreaking moment a mother who carried her terminal baby to term in hopes of holding her alive and donating her organs cradles her stillborn baby girl in hospital. Took to the stage at iconic Los Angeles venue. But the source of it was extremely rare: it came from a worm that normally only infects dogs or cats..

article this dumbest daily mail front page time

Flying: Article this dumbest daily mail front page time

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Article this dumbest daily mail front page time 268
Article this dumbest daily mail front page time 997
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MARIECURIE PONT LASCENSION PENTECOTE Facebook goes virtual: Firm unveils VR and AR software as Mark Zuckerberg confirms it IS developing a 'mind reading' brain interface. Nasa announced the news on Twitter, writing: 'We did it! Leopard lady: Dakota Johnson shows her animal instincts in spotted coat as she's seen at LAX airport. Christina Milian shows off shapely legs in tight black leggings with sheer panels as she hikes in LA. The site was investigated by archaeologists from Wessex Archaeology, who were the first people in the world to have the chance to examine such a vast WWI training ground. The selfie is a cultural phenomenon - but some do not understand the rules One smirking youth stopped for a self-portrait in front of his gran's casket Another posed as a suicidal teen was talked down from Brooklyn Bridge Several also posed outside Auschwitz and memorials to murdered Jews By.