This course is an alternative to GEOG 111 - Human Geography of Global Issues. Students should environment. Frequency: Not offered next academic year. Missing: engerbretson.
GEOG 111: Human Geography of Global Issues. human geography This course examines the basic concepts and processes that shape human geography. Missing: engerbretson.
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Research Scholarship in Geography. This course examines the basic concepts and processes that shape human geography. Beyond agriculture, we will also examine other sectoral issues in relation to agriculture or as stand alone environmental concerns. Environment, Power, and Justice GS. Course Descriptions Course Descriptions. We will consider different approaches to studying migration including primary migration theories, the analyses of major flows, and micro models of individual decision-making behavior, life course, and livelihood perspectives and the implications of these movements for both sending and receiving communities. Advanced Observation of Earth and its Environment. We make extensive use of the Twin Cities as a case study.

This course is a combination of discussions on current topics and hands-on lab exercises and projects based on geovisualization methods and advanced cartographic techniques. Emphasis is on gaining hands-on knowledge about the collection, manipulation, displaym, and analysis of spatial data via the use of ashcoop student spotlights reflection projects documents hazlitt coop rome GIS software. Laura Kigin, Department Coordinator. This course explores one of the world's most vibrant regions, Latin America. The course adopts a political economy perspective to trace the complex interactions of institutions, politics, and economic systems that shape initiatives for more sustainable cities. Using a sustainable development framework this course emphasizes the linkages between human and physical landscapes through the evaluation of what should food bloggers write about and community change in rural areas throughout the US. Although environmental threats are real, African societies have proven their capacity, when given a chance, to use resources sustainably. Permission of instructor and department chair. The seminar frequently produces studies of a neighborhood in cooperation with a local community. Frequency: Offered once per year. An internship that clearly focuses on GIS may be applied to the GIS minor in geography. Geographic Information Systems Home. We will investigate how planning organizations and non-profits use GIS to analyze and manage urban systems such as transportation, land use, and local community development initiatives. Our primary tool is a Geographic Information System. The course builds skills in spatial thinking, statistical and epidemiological reasoning, logical inference, critical use of data, geovisualization, and research project design, academics geography courses coursepages engerbretsonb.

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We will cover a wide variety of topics searching for the linkages between the cultural, physical and social geographies of the Middle East. Governments, non-profits, marketing agencies, corporations and activists are striving to communicate with the public using data visualization. Extending from the Rio Grande to Tierra del Fuego, this world region stretches across diverse landscapes, from tropical rainforests to the snowcapped peaks of the Andes, from mega-cities to empty deserts and plains. Seminar in Human Geography. Geography of International Affairs GS , IL. The study of environmental hazards stands at a key point of intersection between the natural and social sciences.